Planted board beans Oct 25, 2018 Sowed a double row of Super Aquadulce from groseeds. Cleaned the soil more than usual and dug in a barrowful of home-made compost and a few handfuls of growmore before setting out the seeds. Sieved about 2cm of soil on top. Wetted seeds with parafin to put of mice. Let’s see how an October sowing does…
First potatoes eaten 2018 Jun 03, 2018 Dug up a couple of plants of our potatoes, which we planted back in Febuary. A mixture of sizes but all useful.
First flowers in wild flower meadow Jun 02, 2018 We have been trying to establis a wild flower meadow for 4 years and it may, finally, be starting to get going. We put in about a hundred plugs and about a 60% are thriving. The first to flower are the delicate Ragged Robin
Badgers digging up the lawn May 11, 2018 Badgers caught digging up our lawn First the lawn was attacked by leatherjackets, which left large bare patches. Then starlings came to feast on the leatherjackets and that was fine because the pull them out surgically leaving small neat hole - good to aerate the lawn. But now we have badgers, who are not nearly as neat. This is what the damage looks like The red crocs are mine, not the badgers’. ...
Sea Thrift on Coast Path May 05, 2018 Sea Thrift On Coast Path The cool wet spring has been good for the Sea Thrift, which is now out in great clouds along the coast path
Spring is late in the garden 2018 Apr 15, 2018 Very cold winter After a long cold wet the winter first Blackthorn blossom is showing on 15 April 2018, and potatoes just showing through about the same time, about a week later than last year. Filled in some holes The cold winter left some holes in the Burncose bank so we filled in with Armeria maritima ‘Splendens Perfecta’ Argyranthemum ‘Cornish Gold’ Leucanthemum ‘Wirral Supreme’ Buddleja globose
First Cherry Blossom 2018 Feb 23, 2018 We have the first blossom on our flowering cherry - 10 days later than last year
First spinach sown 2018 Feb 12, 2018 Two rows of Palco spinach sown
Potatoes just showing through 2017 Apr 10, 2017 About 45 days 8.5 weeks after planting. Earthed up the potatoes. Just a couple of leaves on about 1/4 of the plants showing through
Blackthorn blossom out 2017 Mar 18, 2017 This is the first time we have had Blackthorn blossom in our mixed hedge since we planted it.