The hedge is waking up Feb 11, 2019 I think spring is going to be with us a little earlier this year than the last two years. The Sea Buckthorn buds are opening and the Blackthorn blossom buds look as if they might open any day now. These bushes are in the hedge we planted in about 2012. Sea Buckthorn Blackthorn blossom buds
First Cherry Blossom 2019 Feb 04, 2019 We have the first blossom on our flowering cherry - 19 days earlier than last year and 9 days earlier than 2017
Sowed first peas Feb 03, 2019 Sowed a first row of peas - 70 Kelvedon Wonder. Spread about 500g our own woodash along the row and soaked the peas in parafin to put off mice. The ground was fleeced for a few weeks before sowing and the fleece replaced after sowing.
Planted Charlotte potatoes and sowed first spinach Feb 02, 2019 Planted four rows of Charlotte early potatoes under fleece. 60 tubers in 4 rows. Also sowed a row of spinach Palco.
Sowed Daikon radishes Jan 03, 2019 Sowed first batch of Daikon radishes in plot 1a
Kevin rotovating the garden Jan 03, 2019 We rented a giant rotovater on a 50% off deal over New Year and got a week for a weekend hire. Kevin heroicly rotovated our garden and the one next door we are taking over
Lots of orchid flower shoots Nov 09, 2018 November seems to be the month for orchids to put out new flower shoots. We now have three of ours putting out new shoots. Orchid flower shoot Orchid flower shoot - slightly out of focus Orchid flower shoot
Planted Asparagus Nov 04, 2018 We lost all our asparagus due to very cold spring and neglect so trying again! Autumn planting is unsual but quite feasable, particularly here in Cornwall. We got 10 of each and they are planted in two rows 5, 5, and 5 each alphabeticly from the bank. Asparagus set out Asparagus put to bed We got ours from D.T.Brown who describe the collection like this: Mondeo: Asparagus Mondeo is a very impressive, very early, all male hybrid asparagus which we have found produces impressive yields of juicy spears. ...
Camellia - flowering in October Oct 27, 2018 Again this year the Camellia is flowering really early - end October. This is its second year and last year we put early flowering down to the disturbance of replanting but there isn’t that excuse this year.
Leatherjackets - trying out nematodes Oct 27, 2018 Update About two weeks after treatment it is begining to look like the nematodes are working. The brown patches are greening up after a quite a lot of a rain. Original post Earlier this year we suffered from leatherjacket damage, direct to the grass roots and subsquently when badgers dug up the grass to eat them. There is no longer any chemical control available for cranefies so we are tring nematodes. ...