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Pendeen living

We have moved… We have moved to Pendeen on the north coast of the far west of Cornwall, 7 degrees, or half a time zone west of Ipswich. Front (ie away from road) The house is about 150 years old: a granite tin miner’s cottage with three gardens and the front at the back (it shows its back to the road – the best side faces the garden). Read more →

Chun Quoit and the Straw Dogs farm

In which we make it to Chun Quoit, but not to the Straw Dogs farm Jenny has located the farm where Straw Dogs was made and it is only a few hundred metres away so I set off to walk there, taking in Chun Quoit on the way. The weather was typical Pendeen – not cold but wet, misty and windy. Fred thought it was a great walk, at least at first, since it was off-lead right from the front door. Read more →

5° 40′ W

20 Carn View Terrace TR19 7DU Not where the "A" pin is! Its the last but one on the left. See the plan also Ignore the “A” pin. Number 20 is the last but one from the bottom on the left. It is the one with the gable end facing the road, giving it a roof ridge in the shape of a T on its side. You can just make out the garden boundaries in the undergrowth. Read more →

CItris – A console mode tetris in C#

A very simple console mode tetris in C# without using Object Oriented features. citrus Edexcel Level 3 BTEC National Unit 16 Procedural Programming distinguishes between procedural and object oriented programming techniques. Arguably this is an absurd distinction, but they are the awarding body so we have to go with what they say. I wrote a number of programs help me to decide which initial programming language to use with entry-level programmers. Read more →

Gozo walks – North out of Victoria to Xaghra

It is quite a way to Xaghra by road but this 20 minute walk will take you there over footpaths and quiet roads. It does involve an over all climb of about 100m and needs some careful route finding at one place. Maps and GPS datums See this other Gozo walk for a brief discussion of Gozo maps and GPS datums Route Take the Marsalforn road out of Victoria the just at the northern edge of town turn right. Read more →

Gozo walks – The big rock east of Hondoq c8fd7409015b

Hondoq is a tiny bathing beach at the east end of Gozo. A short canoe paddle east of the beach is a big rock about 100m off a tiny, apparently inaccessible beach. This easy to follow 1km walk leads from a reasonable parking space above Hondoq down the the tiny beach. Maps Malta Environment and Planning Authority (MEPA) produces an excellent 1:25000 topographical map of Gozo and Comino printed on good paper but it is hard to get hold of a copy outside Malta. Read more →


Bike in winter configuration Fixed wheel, straight bars, lights and a single brake. In summer has free wheel with slightly higher gearing, drop bars, no lights and two brakes. Read more →

Witchfinder’s 2006 summer cruise

In which Witchfinder has three glorious weeks with moderate winds and one with winds verging on too strong, hosts a hitch-hiking pigeon, boxes the western Channel, and gets an unsolicited visit from a lifeboat. As in the past few years we had four weeks for our summer cruise. We wanted to get as far as possible to the west of Brittany and maybe round to the south in about a week, have a week as “holiday”, then take a couple of weeks getting back. Read more →


Peter Wilkinson peter@quanglewangle.com @peterfwilkinson +44 (0) 7711 421 056 Current position: Lecturer in Computing Summary Peter Wilkinson I started teaching in 2001 after a varied and successful career in IT industry here and in USA. I was Programme Manager of the team that founded degree courses at Colchester with the validation of Foundation Degree in Computer Systems in 2002. I managed the changes in programme needed for change of HEI from Anglia Ruskin to University of Essex in 2005. Read more →