Just so I remember stuff…

Aubergines are filling out

The aubergines that were sown back in Feburary now have fruit that looks quite convincing. They are in 30cm pots and were stopped at 30cm high. They stand in a sand tray that is kept moist-to-wet and which has 60W heating cable. The thermostat sensor is poked in one of the aubergine pots and is set to 19C. Each of the aubergine plants has at least one fruit now Read more →

Starting to get lots of male flowers on Galia melons

The melons are starting to get lots of staminate (male) flowers but no sign of any pistillate (female) ones yet. Still, it’s only early June and I understand this imbalance is usual at this stage. The Cantaloupes, which have been behind all along only have a few, but the Galias have quite a number. Both sorts are growing stronly so I expect to see female flowers soon, at least on the Galias. Read more →

Greenhouse update

Greenhouse seems to be going well. Tomatoes, melons, aubergines, and stawberries all thriving. There is no space heating in the greenhouse, only a 120 W ground heat cable in the bed (tomatoes and melons) and a 60 W cable in the bench sand tray (aubergines and chillis). Heating is controlled by a small computer. Although thermostats are cheap enough singly, the cost mounts if you want more than one, and I had a computer spare. Read more →

We have a greenhouse

Our neighbours kindly gave us a greenhouse. It’s a very old Crittle one about 2500 by 1500 but still very serviceable Trying tomatoes and melons. MelonCam Picture is updated every 60 minutes or so. It may be dark if viewed at night. Read more →

The hedge is waking up

I think spring is going to be with us a little earlier this year than the last two years. The Sea Buckthorn buds are opening and the Blackthorn blossom buds look as if they might open any day now. These bushes are in the hedge we planted in about 2012. Sea Buckthorn Blackthorn blossom buds Read more →

Sowed first peas

Sowed a first row of peas - 70 Kelvedon Wonder. Spread about 500g our own woodash along the row and soaked the peas in parafin to put off mice. The ground was fleeced for a few weeks before sowing and the fleece replaced after sowing. Read more →